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Your Hometown Proud Supermarket


                                  COUPON POLICY

Manufacturer Coupons

 ·       One (1) per product purchased

·       Must match item purchased (brand, product, and size)

·       Must have an expiration date

·       Cannot be expired

·       Must contain a redemption address

·       Original coupons only: photocopies cannot be accepted

·       Will accept one (1) coupon for “buy one, get one free” offers per visit

·       No limit on the number of coupons we will accept

Internet Coupons

Internet coupons are subject to the same requirements listed under “manufacturer coupons” above.

 ·       Do not accept internet coupons for “FREE” items

·       Will accept an internet coupon for any value up to a maximum of $5.00

·       Will accept legitimate internet coupons. Must have a dot-scan barcode below the expiration date. On like coupons the number below this barcode will change

·       We are committed to protecting our customer, manufacturers, and our company against illegal activity. Borowiak’s IGA has the right to refuse any manufacturer or internet printed coupon and/or to limit quantities


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